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Our management team here at CopperSands has served the senior living industry with combined experience of over 100 years. Our dedication to a long-term strategy, attention to the market, financial objectives, care of the residents/patients and their families, associates, facilities, and business partners, has established us as an authority in the senior living profession. We have developed and perfected a regional position as a consulting and management firm providing expertise in all areas of the senior living industry, including: independent living, assisted living, skilled care, sub-acute, memory care, behavioral and continuing care retirement communities.


The complexity of the development, financing, managing, and marketing of senior housing and operations is daunting. We understand this and have developed the expertise in new construction and renovations, financial management, operations management, plant and environmental operations, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, quality assurance, training and marketing. We have worked closely with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on many projects. We understand the complicated and delicate processes associated with HUD funded projects and exceed HUD requirements by providing accurate required documentation and meeting conditions ahead of schedule eliminating costly delays. CopperSands, is considered to be an authority on HUD developments.


CopperSands has the talent, knowledge, and experience to rival any competitor’s achievements. We know beforehand what the true cost, risk, and returns will be given our extensive background in the development, acquisition, managing, and marketing of senior living properties. Our experience with developers, banks, investors, contractors, HUD, and operations, gives us unmatched experience which reduces the risk and increases the reward for our investors.

Quality Assurance

Continuous quality improvement is required in our industry. CopperSands, Inc., provides a time efficient, result oriented program, which can make the difference in the satisfaction of residents/patients in our facilities and communities.

Financial Management

CopperSands, Inc., has an established management financial accounting system that produces information tracking on payables, receivables, cash flow and profit/loss. Ongoing analysis of financial data through management systems is an essential part of the services offered by CopperSands, Inc.

Plant and Environmental Operations

Knowledge of state and federal regulations, including OSHA, state plant codes, and life safety is absolutely essential if considering any type of renovation or construction. The expertise is available to construct new facilities or to manage your renovations. In addition, operational systems developed through years of experience are available to assist staff in effective management of these areas of your facility.


Effective marketing is a key factor in the development and success of independent and assisted living. Marketing is initiated when construction is in the initial stages. Management tracking systems, inquiry, admission, and discharge are maintained to maximize census growth and mix.

Preventive Maintenance

A neglected program for maintenance of the plant can mean high dollar replacement. training and implementation of an annual program designed specific to your facility can save big dollars over the coming year. In addition, capital expenses are planned in advance and eliminate the inconvenience and higher cost of emergency repairs and/or replacement.

Clinical Management

Continuous Quality Improvement are the buzzwords in the health care industry today. Facilities have difficulty finding the time and expertise necessary to implement reasonable, effective, and ongoing programs. Our Team Members specialize in establishing simple, time efficient, and result oriented programs. These effective programs will make a difference during the survey process.


With the continuous changes in the survey process and the “remedies” involved, owners and staff cannot afford to be out of regulatory compliance. A good quality assurance program combined with a pre-survey analysis can eliminate the apprehension felt by the staff in a facility. Consultants will assist in identifying areas of concern, but more importantly, can assist the facility staff with the necessary actions and systems to ensure regulatory compliance.