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At CopperSands, we strive to provide the highest standard of care and services while maintaining financial stability during the transitions of health care services and operations.

Why Choose Us?

CopperSands offers a complete array of state of the art senior healthcare services, ensuring residents/patients can live life to its fullest. We do this through a number of specifically tailored programs designed to best meet the needs of each individual resident/patient.

Copper Post-Acute Rehabilitation: Sub-Acute Care

Copper post-acute rehabilitation provides highly skilled medical, nursing and rehabilitative care in a non-acute care setting for patients with complex medical needs. Sub-acute care is comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and serves to meet a specific goal. Because patients at the sub-acute level do not require complete diagnostic services or routine invasive procedures commonly provided in acute care settings, quality outcomes can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a medical/surgical unit.

Behavioral Program / Challenging Behaviors

As people are faced with declines in their independence due to the effects of changes in physical function, medical condition, and psychosocial well-being, there is an increased need for a supportive and enhanced environment which allows individuals to function at their highest level. This living environment enables people to maintain a sense of dignity, pride, and control in their lives. With these challenges comes a manifestation of various behavior concerns that impede a person’s ability to function daily. The behaviors can include but are not limited to: anger, anxiety, depression, physical/verbal aggression, decreased self-esteem, paranoia, inappropriate toileting, poor hygiene, and isolation. The CopperSands program is designed to identify and understand these challenges and their resulting behaviors by providing an environment, under the guidance of the team, in which a person can regain as much independence and control over their life as possible.

Copper Jewel: Memory Care

The Copper Jewel Memory Care Plan is a comprehensive program which provides and exceptional lifestyle and enhances the quality of life for our residents/patients throughout the stages of memory loss. Recognized as one of the leading memory care programs, Copper Jewel approaches each stage of care with the underlying principle of bringing the resident/patient and the family closer together in a setting that is comfortable and encourages family interaction. The Copper Jewel Memory Care Plan helps foster a better relationship between the resident/patients and family by providing care that focuses of a comprehensive activities calendar designed to stimulate memory, a mental and physical exercise program to slow the development of memory loss, and surrounding the resident/patient with compassionate caring associates.

Overlund Select Services

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